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This is the name of a ranch premium brand cow
raised in the beautiful southern part of Iwate Prefecture, Japan.
The cow raised and fattened with a special focus on
“eco-feed” “domestic rice straw” and “pure water”
in a rich natural environment.

What’s Our Philosophy?

We definitely think “Food” means the thing to improve people.
We would like to thank the lives that the animals and plants have connected and be humble in receiving them.

May people be healthy and happy with the lives they receive.
With “Iwate Kanzaki Beef” that was born and raised with great care, so that his/her beloved family can eat with confidence.

We are connecting our life while receiving animals and plants,through our meat, we will continue to move forward as a company rooted in the region.
All animals and plants have their own life.
Thanks a million for everything.

What’s the Difference between others and us?

The answer is “Its taste.”
The first we must note is”feed.”
We made its feed with raw materials that meet safety standards for edible use,such as “okada”,”beer hop pomace”,and “whiskey pomace”,
and their safety and low environmental impact have been recognized,and they have been certified as “eco-feed”.

Next,we have mainly had female cows that are fed with such fermented feed
and have the highest “umami” component.

Finally,by raising cows in a barn with proper hygiene,cows that are safe and secure to eat will grow.

“Iwate Kanzaki Beef”

grew up eating carefully selected fermented feed
in a rich natural environment,
spreads the finest “umami” in his mouth with a bite!

The cows that have spent their precious time
turn that time into a awesome taste and give it to us.

Iwate Kanzaki Beef
If you are very curious about us…

We now ship to you,export to worldwide.
To date, we have these export records to Hong, Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand,and the United States.
If you are interested in our superior beef,
we look forward to hearing from you directly by email below.

Unfortunately the shipping fee is on you but it’s worth trying to taste!
The person in charge will reply your mail
within 2days during our business hours.
Thank you.



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